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Stanford Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Application components

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Applying to the fellowship

Only complete applications will be fully considered. A complete fellowship application will contain:

  • Cover letter (1 page limit).  This should be your impact statement. Provide the review committee with an overview of why you would be a great fit for the Stanford Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship. How will you leverage the training, network, resources, and support of this fellowship program to impact the energy field? What are your future goals and directions? How do you demonstrate a dedication to research excellence and impact within the broader context of sustainability? 
  • Research statement (1 page limit).  This should be a summary of proposed research to be conducted at Stanford. The summary should include the primary question(s) you would research and why your inquiry would require an interdisciplinary approach. Describe the research strategy you will take. You should describe how the work of your co-mentors would make them the best Stanford PIs for you to work with. Remember that this is a summary only and, if interviewed, you will have ample opportunity to go into detail.
  • Curriculum vitae (3 page limit).  This should include education trajectory, research, work experience, publications, presentations, teaching, and other professional experiences, along with your full legal name, contact information, and (expected) date of Ph.D., which must be received by the program start date.
  • Nomination letter.  This should be written and signed by two eligible Stanford co-mentors, and uploaded by one of them. To ensure a strong nomination letter, provide these guidelines (Stanford login required) to your nominating co-mentors. They will have access through the link provided. You will supply the name and contact information of one mentor in the application system, and they will receive a notification to upload the nomination letter through the application portal.
  • Two recommendation letters. One of which must come from your PhD thesis advisor. You will supply the names and contact information of your 2 references, and they will receive a notification to upload their letters through the application portal.

*Note in the application system, you will supply the contact information for 3 individuals:

  1. Stanford mentor - this person will upload the nominating letter signed by both co-mentors. It does not matter which mentor uploads the letter.
  2. PhD thesis advisor - this person will upload a letter of recommendation
  3. Additional reference - this person will upload a letter of recommendation 

The application portal for the 2024 cohort is now closed. Applications for the 2025 cohort will open in July 2024.